Handfasting Ceremony. Historical Context.

This Ceremony, also known as “Tying the Knot” in days gone by, was carried out before families or clans, with the intent of the clan’s approval, and the couple would be betrothed (engaged) for one year and a day. After this time, they would proceed to a legal marriage, by the then priest or minister. If they disagreed to continue their betrothal, they would then go their separate ways. In short, this was a trial marriage for a year and a day, without further obligation.

Fast forward onto today, this fun and meaningful symbolic ceremony has no legal status, and would be ideal for a couple getting engaged, to celebrate in the presence of family and friends, having chosen their meaningful coloured ribbons, for tying the knot.

We will meet up with you, listen to your Love Story, which will be read out on the day, creating a unique ceremony, in which you can write your vows, which you can say to each other, just before “Tying the Knot”.

Please note, this ceremony is not a fake wedding. It has no legal status.
Loch Lomond Celebrants will work with you, to create your ceremony script, which will have been approved by yourselves, prior to the ceremony, based on your beliefs, cultures, hopes and aspirations for the future, and can include participation from family and friends. This can also include mini ceremonies, such as the “Ribbon Wish” and “Jumping the Broomstick”.

To enhance this magical day, you could arrive by Ferry Boat, travelling to Luss, Loch Lomond, and then onto your chosen venue for the ceremony.

This is Your Ceremony… Your Way…Make your dreams come true, experience a day to remember. Contact Laura and John