About Loch Lomond Celebrants


Our aim, as Celebrants, is to enable people to celebrate significant moments in their lives, from the cradle to the grave, by working with them, to create unique ceremonies to mark milestone events during their lives.

These events could include Weddings, Baby Naming Ceremonies, Wedding Vow Renewals, Birthday Ceremonies, Graduation Ceremonies, or even Divorce Ceremonies, the list is endless, the choice is yours. (Use your imagination!)

Funerals are moving away from the traditional service, this allows us, at Loch Lomond Celebrants, to create a unique tribute, and to honour the departed.

We lead the full funeral ceremony, not only reading the eulogy, but also the welcoming and closing words, acknowledgments of family and friends unable to attend, and on behalf of the family, ensuring those requiring thanks are mentioned. We work closely with your local Funeral Director, to ensure the deceased has a heartfelt farewell.


We are experienced Public Speakers and Creative Writers, and attend Continuing Professional Development Courses, to maintain our skills.

We are experienced Film and Television Extras, appearing in background scenes of various programmes, and we are police checked to the highest level, (PVG Scheme)

In our spare time, we both enjoy holidays, from Skye to Ibiza, (We are romantically young at heart!) and eating out. John enjoys cars, and driving, and Laura enjoys reading. (Romantic fiction to crime thrillers, to real life autobiographies.) Live Theatre Shows are another source of enjoyment.

We are professionally trained by The Institute of Professional Celebrants and are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Data Protection).

We are Celebrants with a sense of humour and enjoy life.

How can we help you?

Who are we ?

Hi There, I am Laura and along with John, we are Loch Lomond Celebrants.

We provide Celebratory Ceremonies for a wide range of Life`s Milestones. These include the following ceremonies – Fabulous Weddings, Joyful Baby Naming, Wedding Vow Renewals, and of course, Heartfelt Funeral Farewells
and Memorial tributes.

For many people who have drifted away from their faith, or belief, and may feel hypocritical approaching the church, or they may want a themed ceremony, we offer a bespoke and unique ceremony for you. Our ceremonies are set out in your taste and style, valuing your unique cultures, beliefs and values. It is all about you, your ceremony, your style, your way.

No matter the ceremony, we will meet with you, and discuss what you want to be included in the ceremony. If you think we are the right celebrants for you, we will meet again, for as many times as it takes, to finalise your ceremony. After all, this is a big occasion for you, and we want it to be just right, as do you. Talking together lets us get to know you, and you get to know us. Perhaps, along the way, there will be some laughter, maybe a tear or two. Eventually we hope that the ceremony is befitting the happiest day of your dreams. Experience a Celebrant led Ceremony.

Heartfelt Farewells and Memorial Tributes also require great sensitivity, respect and dignity. You want to do right by your loved one, and again, we will meet with a bereaved family, to gain a sense of the deceased’s life. What can you tell us that may be funny, or sombre, yet help us to write an outstanding eulogy that will honour them and live on in the memories of those attending the ceremony. We offer ceremonies both religious style, or humanistic style, or a mixture of both, which can contain your choice of
music, readings, or poems.

As professional celebrants, trained to National Standards, we look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes, John and Laura
Officiating at Ceremonies including Christian, Humanistic, LGBT, Gothic & Bikers.

What can Loch Lomond Celebrants offer you ?

We can offer you a ceremony which will bridge the gap between purely a Religious Ceremony, and a Secular (Non Religious) ceremony.

We are not Humanists, and we cannot undertake any form of legal ceremony, such as marriages.

What we can do, is help you to create a ceremony which is totally unique to you.

If you want a Hymn or a Prayer, then that’s perfectly fine.

Equally, if your vision of your perfect ceremony is a non-religious celebration of what an event means personally to you and your loved ones, then that’s fine too.

Or maybe you would like a combination of both ? The choice is yours.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, or even if you just want to chat about your future ceremony, then we, at Loch Lomond Celebrants would love to hear from you.