A fulfilling and meaningful experience.

Your Personalised Baby Naming Ceremony

Hi there, Laura and John here, to give you information on our Baby Naming Ceremonies. Congratulations to all couples who have recently had a baby. What a joyous, wonderful occasion.

What a brilliant opportunity to introduce your new baby son or daughter to your family and friends by having a Loch Lomond Celebrant led Baby Naming Ceremony.

Our packages are bespoke, and tailor made for each family, you will never have another opportunity to celebrate this little person’s life.

Let us make it memorable, let us make it awesome.

Email Loch Lomond Celebrants to arrange a chat, either by Google Duo, or by phone, and speak with us about what kind of ceremony you would like, to celebrate your little one’s birth.

We will meet with you, for as many times it will take, to formulate the story of your hopes and aspirations for your child, the involvement of family members is also encouraged. For example, instead of God Parents, an alternative is Guide Parents, chosen by yourselves, to take part in this meaningful ceremony.

You may wish to reflect on your child’s name, why you chose it, and the significance of it, incorporating this into your child’s unique ceremony.

Older brothers and sisters can take part too, in the form of mini ceremonies, including blending of the sands, or other symbolic mini ceremony of your choice, several options can be offered to you, or you may wish to be creative, and opt for something that reflects your own beliefs and cultures.

This happy ceremony can take place, weather permitting, in an outdoor garden space, (Gazebo at the ready!) or in a venue of your choice, with music, poetry, or readings, or perhaps even a theme, such a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Pirate’s and Princesses or Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, but to name a few ideas, and depending on the ages of older brothers and sisters.

This ceremony can also be adapted to welcome adopted children into a new family, or when two families become one, in a blended family ceremony.

These types of ceremonies can strengthen the bond of love between family members and leave lasting magical memories for everyone attending. At the end of the ceremony, you will be given a presentation script and certificate.

Embrace this experience, enjoy the day.

Contact Loch Lomond Celebrants to arrange a chat.