A fulfilling and meaningful experience.

Your Personalised Baby Naming Ceremony

A name giving ceremony, is not a Babtism, or Christening, although it may be sometimes known as a Secular (Non Religious) ceremony.

The naming ceremony is a fulfilling and meaningful experience for all concerned. It is an occasion when a new birth is celebrated, and a child is welcomed into the world.

The arrival of a new baby into your lives is one of the most joyous of life’s memorable events, so why not celebrate this very important milestone by allowing us, at Loch Lomond Celebrants, to help you create a Baby Naming Ceremony ?

What a fantastic way to introduce your new arrival to your family and friends, to welcome him/her into the world, and to celebrate the birth of this very special person.

Equally, if you have just adopted a child, or maybe you are welcoming step children into your family, a ceremony can help those young people feel accepted, in a unique and memorable way.